Accounting Analytics

The Future of Accounting Services is Here

Accounting Analytics is a leading, innovative bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, and accounting analytics company. Our services are performed using Intuit's Cloud-based QuickBooks Online Ecosystem.

The company's certified post-secondary Bookkeeping School offers bookkeeper training, certification, and licensing. Students learn and gain bookkeeping experience working with Accounting Analytics' bookkeeping team.

Bookkeeping Today

Today's bookkeeping is not your parent's bookkeeping. Bookkeeping has changed dramatically over the last decade primarily due to technology such as cloud or online computing and Accounting Process Automation.

Accounting Process Automation

Accounting Process Automation improves the speed, accuracy, and reliability of bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting processes by automating routine and high-volume transaction processes. It allows more time for analyzing, interpreting, and communicating information.

Are Bookkeepers Obsolete?

No, but their parent's bookkeeping technology, tools, and processes are. Unfortunately, many bookkeepers continue to waste time and money using obsolete, inefficient, and unproductive bookkeeping technology, tools, and processes.

Some bookkeepers have embraced cloud computing and Accounting Process Automation and others have not. Many aren't even aware of it.

Accounting System

The accounting cycle consists of bookkeeping: creating, recording, classifying, and summarizing transactions; and accounting: analyzing, interpreting, and communicating business information.

An accounting system is a set of technology, tools, and processes used by bookkeepers and accountants to perform the accounting cycle.

The accounting cycle never changes, but accounting technology, tools, and processes do.

Accounting Analytics Accounting System

Accounting Analytics developed a small business accounting system based on cloud computing and Accounting Process Automation. This System uses leading bookkeeping, accounting, and analytic technology, tools, and processes.

The System enables your bookkeeper to:

  1. Perform your bookkeeping efficiently and productively;
  2. Provide you timely, relevant, and reliable information; and
  3. Increase your financial position, profit, and cash flow.

What We Do

  1. Educate small business bookkeepers, accountants, and owners on our Accounting System;
  2. Provide and setup our Accounting System technology, tools, and processes;
  3. Guide, train, certify, support, and supervise bookkeepers on our Accounting System;
  4. Provide experience (internships) for prospective bookkeepers;
  5. Assist small business owners without a bookkeeper;
  6. Assist small business employee bookkeepers; and
  7. Assist small business bookkeeping business owners (professionals).

Contact us to learn how we can help you increase your financial position, profit, and cash flow.