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Who Should Perform Your Bookkeeping?

There are three people who can perform your bookkeeping:

  1. the owner,
  2. an employee, or
  3. independent contractor bookkeeper or accountant.

Whoever it is, make sure that person can:

  1. perform your bookkeeping efficiently and productively;
  2. provide you timely, relevant, and reliable information; and
  3. help you increase your financial position, profit, and cash flow.

We generally recommend that you, the owner, shouldn't perform your bookkeeping. Your time is too valuable. Delegate your bookkeeping.

If you want an employee to perform your bookkeeping, we can provide them tools, setup, guidance, training, support, and supervision.

If you want an independent contractor to perform your bookkeeping, consider our Accounting Analytics Bookkeeping Services.

Bookkeeping Decision Tool

To help you decide who should perform your bookkeeping, download our free Bookkeeping Decision Tool.