Accounting Analysis Training Course

Accounting Analysis Training Course


Accounting Analytics Bookkeeping School students should have completed the QuickBooks Online FundamentalsAccounting FundamentalsPayroll Fundamentals, and Accounting Principles training courses.

Course Purpose

The purpose of this course is to provide accounting analysis education and help candidates pass the Accounting Analysis Certification exam.

Course Overview

The primary objective of accounting is to provide information that is useful in making good business decisions. This course emphasizes that accounting is not an end but is a means to an end. Timely, relevant, and reliable information is what enables a user who has an interest in the financial performance of the business to make good decisions. Business success begins with the fundamental knowledge and understanding of how accounting information is generated and analyzed for making good business decisions.

Course Length

The course is a fourteen-week course (one session per week). However, the course is an on-demand, self-study, self-paced course. Therefore, the length of the course is determined by the amount of time you dedicate to the course and your current understanding of accounting and accounting analysis.

Course Agenda

  1. Accounting: Information for Decision Making
  2. Basic Accounting
  3. The Accounting Cycle: Capturing Economic Events
  4. The Accounting Cycle: Accruals and Deferrals
  5. The Accounting Cycle: Reporting Financial Results
  6. Merchandising Activities
  7. Financial Assets
  8. Inventories and the Cost of Goods Sold
  9. Plant and Intangible Assets
  10. Liabilities
  11. Stockholders' Equity: Paid-In Capital
  12. Income and Changes in Retained Earnings
  13. Statement of Cash Flows
  14. Accounting Analysis

Course Materials

The materials included with this course include:

  • Textbook (digital textbook and exercises integrate with our Learning Management System or LMS)
    Note: Students may purchase a printed textbook at a reduced price when they log in to the LMS.
  • Pre-assessment Test
  • On-demand Video Instruction
  • Quizzes
  • Exercises
  • Problems
  • Instructor Support
  • Post-assessment Test

Course Steps

The steps to completing the course are as follows:

Step 1: Take Pre-assessment Test
Determine your pre-education knowledge and skill by taking the pre-assessment test.

Step 2: Watch Chapter Video
Watch chapter instruction video.

Step 3: Read Textbook Chapter
Read textbook chapter.

Step 4: Complete Chapter Exercises
Complete textbook chapter exercises.

Step 5: Complete Chapter Problems
Complete textbook chapter problems.

Step 6: Take Chapter Quiz
Take chapter quiz.

Step 7: Request Instructor Support
Email your instructor course questions.

Step 8: Take Post-assessment Test
Determine your post-education knowledge and skill by taking the post-assessment test.


Step 9: Take Accounting Analysis Certification Exam
Take and pass Accounting Analysis Certification exam.




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Satisfaction Guarantee

Accounting Analytics has a simple, straightforward satisfaction policy. If you are not satisfied with this course within 14 days of access to the course, contact us and the fee will be refunded.